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He read the news with anguish and pain. Now it seemed that the generation of small conflicts, ethnic wars, tribal, religious and other species, in certain emerging sectors of the planet, much favored trade in arms that confrontations big, massive, long time. It was much more profitable the clash between short-term small groups. The absurd bloodshed, the annihilation of entire villages where there was almost nothing but old men, women and children was something that disintegrated his spirit and his will to work. Sure, it was not just trade handguns. The tyrants in power had discovered that they could, thanks to diamonds and oil, have access to technology more attractive than regular armies and entered the world of robotics. The captains of the industry are autonomous mechanisms designed remote control to "play" the war from his palatial pool or from the premises of the harem. Of course, the effectiveness of these heinous machines was much higher than that of a man, an armored gunship robotic spent not a bullet if it hit the target, not to mention the flamethrowers, grenade launchers, etc..
On top of the mills were equipped with highly intelligent artificial brain could do basically everything.All this only it was in a higher efficiency when talking about death, to the point that the formidable accumulation of corpses made the stench of putrefaction spread for hundreds of miles around offending smell of sheikhs and de facto bosses,not to mention pests and other herbs such mass generated by decaying organic.Thus decided to continue "playing" should, after a fairly massive slaughter, resulting spray bodies with flamethrower to avoid interrupting the "fun".

While it was a subject sensitized to anyone, he demolished because their job was to design artificial brains. When he started working at the Department of Bio-photonic Design "Roberson Cyber ​​System" implanted in the brains proposed restrictive covenants in respect of damage to humans and the proposal was quickly accepted. More competition then made contact with "those guys" and harmless mills generating utility, beneficial to man, missed flight to the hands of the formidable performance of weapons systems "to play." Greed along with the fall of the shares of Roberson made the directory decided invalidate any restrictive clause and rushed frantically to the production of toys for genocide.
The bio-photonic brains were implemented in the design ... and wiped out the market, effective and efficient ...
That was why, reasonable and indirectly felt responsible seventy five percent of the killings tribal, racial and religious world, and the potential danger posed almost all first world intercontinental missiles carry their own brains authorship.
That was why, also, looking at the gun in his hand and determined blankly. And that's why I took the gun to his right temple and pulled the trigger without hesitation, spraying much of his head.


The crash sounded like thunder outside. Many, startled and alarmed, ran back and forth searching for the source of the blast. The doors opened some offices and its occupants showed expressions of curiosity, alarm and anxiety. Security staff quickly came to the company ordering the altered employees to vacate theapartment. Soon, there were only decided to inspect the guards and office by office but it was not necessary, only one had its door closed. Upon entering the cloister found who caused the scandal.
He still had the gun in his hand, hot and steaming. His head was just more than half.
Four burly guards were needed to load the robot to the junkyard, whose bio-photonic brain destroyed was, until ten minutes ago, equipped with the restrictive clauses so famous.

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