Wonderland ...(Part Two-End)

Por EM Rosa
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I thought about it while the suit was moving, slowly now, near the foothills of the towering peaks of the south ... when he saw her. At first thought shown by the monitor of his close control cubicle was an image file but in finding the source confirmed that it was live views outside. He stopped the suit and with expression (if you could call it that) being watched perplexed tiny who crossed the path of the robot ominous. He looked directly into the camera, so it was as if he looked into her eyes. Van Temer examined below the figure above. He wore a brown tunic as only garment and took shelter from the rain hardly harmful with a dry palm plant extinct. His little feet were barely equipped with a precarious sandals some indecipherable material. His eyes, a blue impossible, never left his and seemed to sing a sweet melody. He ordered the central processor to analyze the presence:
"Human female infant between eight and eleven years."
The commotion became perplexed. How could she breathe?. How your skin resist acid rain?. How does radiation not reduced to ashes?. These and a thousand questions in her mind is plasmaban confusing when your console did the child's voice saying:
"What are you doing in there locked?. Come to breathe clean air!. "
The girl spoke, her voice sounded angelic and infinitely sweeter. Not the grunts and screams mutants, monopolizing their ears for decades. Your mind is relaxed and for once the killing took second place. Sones soft, heavenly symphonies.
"What's your name?" Thought to ask.
"Tania ..." was the angelic response. The rain stopped and the sun ... (Does the Sun?! ...) Threw timid rays on the ground. Fearing Van redirected the camera to observe the finding radioactive ashes never passed up the sunlight She started jumping and running around in circles, happy, happy.
"Come play with me!. As the sun rises!. "
Fearing Van despaired. He ordered the robot to open the outer hatch, the girl wanted to be with their atrophied but knew he would never movable members offset some, but denied surgical robot, the outer hatch opened just before the death of its occupant. Frustration clouded mind, suddenly growing claustrophobia atrophied her senses.
"Enter the code" BLUE "!" The girl shouted from outside.
Why did not I think of that?, But how did she know exception codes?. What was changing on the outside, and what was missing?. It did not matter. I wanted to be with the girl with all his soul, had been wrong, misled by Eternical lifetime. Without hesitating a second milking robot coding and had no choice but to obey. When the hatch opened it annihilated toxic gases in a second. He felt, therefore, hands ripped mutants that control cubicle and threw him to the side as the inert mass of flesh that was. One of the mutants that interfered disabled the device camera and the monitor showed then reality. Another mutant came to occupy the place left free Van Fear and wiped robot space probes and countless sensors and useless and prepared to put up the site for its new occupant, through surgery. The outer hatch closed and the robot started work. Soon face his brothers, infiltrated enemy ranks. Not many but already several Lobos were led by mutants and androids rule would come to an end.
Mutants thought, created and built but the Wolves had not realized.
In the cruelest of massacres, of pure devastation, the new Homo Sapiens born.

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