The Ultimate Robot (Part One)

Por EM Rosa
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It was a strange court.
The lawyers, prosecutor and defender, were located in a high metal podiums.
The jury, only three or four individuals, sitting behind the judge.
The judge, standing in front of a simple lectern above lawyers.
The commissioners, unarmed and in plain clothes, watching the public permanently.
And the audience, eager and expectant, a real crowd stood snugly in the huge stands of the football stadium once demolished.
Just missing the accused.
A lone bench before Judge induce its possible future presence.
A growing murmur came from the stands and gradually was becoming almost deafening.
Two blows with the hammer, and the murmur ceased automatically.
The prosecutor stood up and giving your bias martial step, smoothed her black robe and sat her long golden shoulder length wig.
- The day has arrived. - He is proud and rhetoric. - For a hundred years humanity has respected the legacy of our ancestors and has totally renounced the technology that led to the downfall. One hundred years! ... No small thing but we have built a society without crime, without crime ... a peaceful society. We live in harmony with nature, dictating our laws in line with God. Unfortunately, as you know, this was not achieved without a bitter and bloody war, history will endorse. They were machines or us crucial dilemma. We declared war ... and almost win. For very little, almost fall to the world that our Lord created for us humans. Then we won the war, there, one hundred years ago, we had to embark on a long and arduous task of extermination as if a single atom survived those nasty machines, security and peace of God our hearts would never ... -
A murmur of approval rose in the large audience that filled the stands, you could even hear some religious praises. A hammer blows inflicted by the judge brought silence to the hall again.
- But at last, the day has come, brothers. - Continued the prosecutor.
- "The last robot has been captured." -
The last words were spoken as a prosecutor and in a tone judgment virile and toned.
The answer was an outcry. Among the crowd who looked knelt with eyes filled with tears and others who prayed excitedly. The "Hallelujah" multiplied everywhere and praise to God and his angels were repeated from mouth to mouth. The prosecutor sat down and then the defense took over. You had to have courage to take the defense of that cause but who was heading to the stage to perform his speech did not look intimidated, yet still feminine gender among so masculinity. This time the audience responded with disapproval who stood at the lectern to speak with moderation and education, but rejecting the presence. The judge could not impose order on this occasion and the commissioners had to do their homework, using a thorough oral deterrent for people to calm down. Unperturbed, the defender settled some papers on the lectern and began.
- We are people of faith, pious, God-fearing and blindly dutiful its precepts. What if, by mistake, we committed a crime?. What us if we committed a murder?. -
This last was said sharply rising volume of his voice, almost shouting. The insults, spoken almost in a whisper, to the legal advocate multiplied. This went.
- The latest generation of machines inserted in our society synthetic bio-robots. You know, I have studied in books of sacred history. It was impossible to distinguish, differentiate a real human being without sophisticated instruments. If bleeding cut into it, if you opened it in the same channel you found you'd find in one of our brothers, if I got up skull cap you found a brain ... exactly like yours ... - He said the last pointing to a member of the public located in the front row.
- Sure, they were not "really" flesh and blood, the machines are not God, were bio-synthetic. But what really matters is that they were not distinguishable to the naked eye, even an expert could, or living a life they could have realized. So almost win the war. They infiltrated our society and narrowly failed to take control of everything. But, of course, God was on our side and put the suspect in our hearts and thus arose the technology that enabled the development of instruments that detected. And finally the world was to whom God intended it to be. But now, brethren, we face a fundamental dilemma, a turning point. He came to us, we did not capture him. He surrendered. That's the truth. We have among us as an entity that our documentation is a machine but have no means to confirm it really. According to our records, you have more than two hundred years, we have the manufacturing serial number, date of start-up and his record of military service ... But really do not know, we can not prove conclusively whether it is human or not. What shall we do?. If we stick to the law, we must destroy it, but if we're wrong, if this creature, for some avatar of fate, were to be human, we would receive the heavenly sentence, because we will have committed a murder, capital sin, divine salvation we will denied and as a society we are lost to all eternity, all accomplished over a century of immeasurable sacrifices have been in vain. -

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