The Ultimate Robot (Part Two)

Por EM Rosa
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Now people looked unsafe. The seeds of doubt and fear had been planted in their minds. Defense counsel vigorously down the dais.
- Then, brothers, I say!. - Shouted. - If they bring the accused, some of you all are absolutely sure of their nature, please come down to this court and say so!. It will be heard!. -
Abruptly the defender decided to finish his dissertation. In his prepared monologue had some lines but I had achieved the desired effect and feared that if extended could undermine what has been achieved.
He then was admitted to the defendant.
The judge looked up from his elevated podium as he sat in front of the huge stands containing the public. The prosecutor had dreamed of this moment with high cries of condemnation and disapproval of people but very little of it happened. Only murmurs of disgust, frustration and doubt. The work of the advocate had been brilliant and effective.
- Now hear the accused. - The adjudicator.
It was an individual thing in years, fifty or sixty, of medium height, lean and lanky body, all pretty ordinary until I looked into his eyes, there the matter changed diametrically. The inmate cleared his throat and his voice dry and waterfall began to speak.
- My name is Alvin Talhud. I was born in Central America for fifty-eight years and I'm not a machine ... - The prosecutor jumped.
- Lying, evil creature!. The Sacred Documents condemn you!. We have your picture and everything you need to ...! . - This time it was the judge who jumped.
- Enough!. - Said by a blow with the hammer. - Your turn to speak expired!. Now is the turn of the accused. - Judge Alvin focused with heartfelt look.
- Thank you, Your Honor. The historical documentation that can and probably have is riddled with errors and gaps in the bombing since the end of America the ninety percent of the electronic media and transcripts were destroyed on paper that you have are incomplete and specially constructed to achieve the company you have developed but nothing is a reliable element to carry out the killing a hundred years ago performed. They were wrong. If you kill a human being I can assure you that the sentence for a century people are killing thousands, but not scared why not be condemned. -
An outraged cry rose from the crowd that filled the peculiar court. Alvin continued.
- Regardless of what you decide about my future there are certain issues that should call them to reflect on your beliefs and human nature. And most of all by the behavior that characterizes them as a society. Well you know that God created man and gave him free will, more however this always leaned the opposite way to the Supreme Creator wished.
The path of goodness and love of neighbor did not figure very high on the agenda of the day. Rather say was killed by razing the world that gift received and just as he was about to jump into the cosmos to project its destructive work in the universe, declaring war against the machines, founded, as you believe in the human decision to dispense all kinds of technology, from that moment into eternity. -
The prosecutor returned to jump from his seat with his finger raised.
- I take it, machine, that you doubt our whole philosophy of life?. - Then reminded the judge, who looked at him sternly, crossing her eyes and looked at the highest dose of repentance possible.
- I'm not a machine. I'll answer that question in a moment, I promise. They said they could speak freely as I want. -
- That is true. - The judge said. The prosecutor, visibly upset, sat back down.
- When the war ended ... - Alvin continued - ... you appeared from the rubble and rescued writings, books and manuscripts and adopted a philosophy of life aimed at the eradication of any type of crime and crime, based on love of neighbor, deciding technology that threatened the nature and work of God. Then chose to live according to its laws and harmonize with nature being part of it and not a predator. For them I have news: The doctrine you profess has over 2400 years of existence. And I repeat them: They will not be convicted of crimes actually committed or for those who commit between now and the end of time. -


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