Strain: (Part2)

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Applied to the massive explosive entrance doors and departed. They should be repeated five times to overcome the tremendous strength of the portal. Tired and wounded entered the dark interior, cautious, alert. Suddenly, a large shrapnel bloodbath. The commander of the group only officer, watched as nearly finished with his men. Just left him five soldiers and scientists. Despite the disaster ordered forward at full speed and after running desperately thousand feet under fire reached a wall where almost burst forces were at full length. They waited a few minutes but nothing happened, the attack had ceased. He slowly stood up understanding nothing, were at his mercy but not attacked, why?. They looked around for an explanation ...

As much as rubbed and rubbed, stain stood against Charles. Hannibal watched him blankly and distressed.
Carlos was a person scrupulously neat and slick surely would take a percentage of happiness.
That was bad.
Happiness was the most valuable asset that was handled in those days, being happy was a creature full. The trance that he had to move his friend was dramatic overtones. Bliss achieved so many years was worth every ounce enjoyed and could not give up anything for a bloody stain.
Finally, and with an expression of genuine and total defeat in the face, Carlos was delivered.There was no way to get another shirt so I had to end the workday with an uncomfortable spot edges slightly circular and about eight millimeters in diameter, about all this, of course.

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Hannibal was glad that the menu of the day of the date, announced yesterday, had been confirmed today, ham and cheese sandwich with tomato and onion slices. Have varied had been her coffee stain. The joy and happiness was something big made of small things, so it was written.
But Hannibal could do something for his friend something he resigned. The cola did intensely happy but lime did not unhappy, just not as happy as they did the tail.
It took her mind at lunch time and wished with all his soul a drink of lime so that the stain disappears.
When they sat at the table, Carlos was completely happy and not so Hannibal could be but had helped his friend.

The bare board in the wall line exhibited a faint blue light varying in intensity over time. One of the scientists stepped forward and smiled at the look of relief commander. It was a control, all theories began to be confirmed ... and that was good. One shot a policeman and destroyed the wall began to fade until it disappeared. What was decreased before the terrified group and, simultaneously, all relieved.
The notice that came to power subetérico Central confirmed: The planet had been invaded.
They began to walk around the huge grounds and chairs crammed in them, people sitting with vacant eyes, pale, devoid of all life, hundreds of human beings, dirty, abandoned. The invading virus had outraged their brains, scientists knew the strain, plunging their hosts in an eternal sleep, preserving the brain while the rest of the body is corrupted. There was only one way to destroy the virus without spreading: burning the shelter that contains them. A little more time and strain had spread into space, invading other systems. Before that sit in the chairs had built an autonomous system of defense, that smart and dangerous was the strain, old acquaintance of scientists who accompanied the gendarmes. They started with the task of planting incendiary bombs ...

The feeling was, at first, of profound neglect. Then he felt float, mild, softly. Hannibal smiled at his friend while mingling with the energy flowing. The cosmos itself as the members received universal ancestral.
Never been so happy together, with everyone and everything for all eternity.
The fire, burning, overwhelming, consuming and viruses alike bodies, including those of Charles and Hannibal.



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