Brilliant...(Part One)

Por EM Rosa
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It always happens when you cling to something with a passion bordering on obsession. Usually this indicates shortcomings in one or more facets of the personality of the subject involved. Especially when the reason for the obsession is work. This syndrome accompanied mankind for centuries and became men of great capacity for work and intellect willing slaves of a company or business. It manifested itself in different ways but the main symptom was permanent link to work twenty-four hours a day. Talk about work at home as exclusive topic of conversation, everyday condition to work, shopping-oriented private office held, prepare the family to live with idioms and schedules related to work ... . Including dream work and discuss the dream at breakfast. These men had no life but in terms of their work. Everything else was accessory or ornamental. But ... What happened when this guy was detached from his position as compulsive or kindly? . Depression, if he had not married before. In one way or another his personality was deeply affected. His life is emptied of content quickly and he was alone and lost without the usual routine that made him feel something. He suddenly realized he had become attached to both their work could not live without it. Began to realize who the members of his family and to find many faults that had previously gone unnoticed. It is not among his friends many of whom still retain their jobs and being like him, talk animatedly about this subject, leaving the issue in question without input. Bored and long walks aimlessly thinking of the great folly committed. It is bitter brooding about the importance of the thought he had been in the business and what he thought was essential to their work. That idiocy so great. The old discarded as a pileup with a sum of money, a pension and a cheap watch with the logo of the company. Suicide was an idea that haunted him permanently for the head without ever completely settle. In some cases this action is manifested by a shot in the head and others simply as a cancellation of mind. The final was that such people rarely surpassed good trance.
These same black clouds were now about to bring down Glen Mark. Fifty-five just turned Marcos seen coming from the outcome long since he played live now. "Super numerary Systems & Co." had been growing at a rapid pace over the past ten years to expand its technology and production flat through the incorporation of policies bright intelligence and robotics that Marcos had left temporal level of a "Tyrannosaurus Rex ". The last nine months had violated the man in his job a painful torture of neglect and abandonment. He came to his job on schedule and sat at his desk where a plastic sign read "Mark Glen - Sales planning operator." And staring at the ceiling, waiting patiently for the eight hours that had empty pass ahead as quickly as possible, something that never was.
Is that Mark had no work to do in the company since its function was efficiently absorbed by the automatic system. Previously, some ten thousand people depended on it for the proper performance of their duties and felt useful and fulfilled. I had a hundred people working under his direct charge within a structure carefully honed over the decades that had passed within the company and exceeded three.
And that point was the only one who comforted. He had received numerous accolades from the highest executive level and had given no reason for a few tributes to his brilliant work. Had plaques and souvenirs of all kinds. But now everything was different. Now I was an idiot or a little more than that. Or at least the machines had suggested this. When computers robotic analysts reported that the system could be optimized by Mark no less than three percent producing a saving of about three hundred thousand dollars a month the alarm of fire shook the entire building. In vain the background papers asking that it drew resources partial optimizations money dating back several years and were never considered. Of no avail to the testimonies of hundreds of employees adhering to the position of Mark.
It was useless for anything about the folly of lofty thought only executives who defend the position that the billions invested in the machines were fully justified in the light of the results obtained in this first test cyberspace. Three percent of optimization. Three hundred thousand a month. The company billed not less than ten billion a month.
Marcos was convicted and wanted to run it. His staff was flat scattered throughout the extended enterprise and many were dismissed without more.
Just left him. Only plant one thousand square meters where only the dust were empty table and work. Soon we would throw away and what would to vegetate in a tiny office in a basement forgotten, perhaps only with a chair and a folder.
Is that the company did not want to fire him. Your grade with honors and awards earned through thirty-five years we were a creditor of an indemnity of not less than two million and the company was prepared to battle for that amount of money playing with the man who wear so many benefits had given him. But it was a matter of time.
The legal consultant had told Mark that according to the company's labor laws should retornarle a charge similar to that possessed at least six months or dismiss him immediately, otherwise it would be immersed in a tangle of claims multiplied by five sum compensation. Only had to wait. It was only a matter of time.
In the six months had already passed three, but had seemed three centuries. Should not incur any failure to do so liable to dismissal justified and did not have to go against the company in any of the orders you give in within their power to the.
So it was successively reduced recortándole salary category to what they could and that was much. Mark had to sell much of his estate to accommodate their lives to pay their new reality. But did not care. In three months would have three times more.
What if I hurt was to go to work and wasting eight hours of his life miserably.
Meanwhile, his legal representative sent demand after demand billing the company for damages hefty sums that only served to inflate considerably the amount of money that Mark would receive at the end of this martyrdom.

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