Brillant (Part Two)

Por EM Rosa
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Obviously the company was incurring a significant error that had been developed initially for input of payment would be saving money now. But the company policy was uncompromising defense of the decisions of executives while these were putting your foot to the hip. Had advised him not even talk to anyone in order to avoid arguments and to avoid distraction from work so I apply disciplinary sanctions. That was because the picture of the man alone and silent waiting to pass these three long months to come. That thought rang the videophone on his desk. He wondered what new trouble would lock this call.
As the screen had broken down expressly for not anyone see his face (which earned him a reprimand from his lawyer, as it could have been a penalty for violating the assets of the Company) only sound came out of the device when it was activated.
- Glen Mark, good morning. - Attended Marcos.
- Mr Mark, good to see. I am Antonio Perses. -
- Sorry I can not say the same Mr Perses but only because my device screen does not work. -
- Oh, that inconvenience. But I imagine that you've heard about me. -
- You come to replace me in the new template section according to what I reported. -
- Well ... yes, that's the basics, but what else they told me? . -
- Nothing more. - Said Mark. - What else should I know? . -
- Well, why should I consult with my superiors. Anyway, Mr. Mark, please grant me an appointment to meet with you personally. -
- Come when you like. - Mark recited.
- But, I will not stop pestering you on your way, or ... -
- Do not worry. -
- Well, well ... not good talk with my superiors I will visit. -
- Well ... -
- Out of curiosity, and you forgive my indiscretion but, what is its current status in the company? . -
- At the moment I have no assignments. I demoted and pay severely curtailed pending my dismissal. -
- But ... That is cruel for a man who contributed much to the company! . -

- It is within the powers of the company. - Mark said slightly surprised. Outside these claims Perses who was right in his immediate dismissal may be worth.
- I trust I am so angry and surprised, Mr. Mark, and if you tell me what your expectations I promise I will do everything in my power to make your trance be settled as expeditiously as possible. -
In all this talk Mark smelled rotten and decided to be more cautious than they could be.
- All I want is what you already expressed to the executive suite and that is, neither more nor less, to get fired as soon aportándome the amount of money that my legal representation claims. -
- But Mr. Mark, the company can not dispose of material as you! . -
- All I want is what I expressed already. -
- This is unprecedented. I pity you and I regret not tell me that they will collaborate between but if that is their choice I assure you that bring to fruition. Good morning, Mr. Marcos and was a pleasure. -
- Good morning and thank you. -
The line went dead and Mark deeply regretted not being able to see the face of his interlocutor. His voice sounded a bit strange and was puzzled by the fact that what the situation was ignored by the crossing. It sounded like a trap.
He removed the small cartridge containing the recording cubicle conversation moments ago and stuck it in his pocket. His lawyer had advised her to record conversations held within the company and that could be used to best advantage for your situation. When he got home and after greeting his family and put it in history retired to his study to talk to your lawyer and make him listen to the conversation. The physician told him that was not in anything that could aggravate these current situation but, instead, the words of the speaker could, as an employee of the company, greatly facilitate things. Advised to copy the recording several times and congratulated him on the wisdom with which they handled.
Five days later Mark had forgotten the event when he read in the newsletter that the executive who wore out their case against him had been suddenly fired.
After cardboard rang videophone (which had already been repaired) and the screen was cut the happy face of his lawyer.
- We won, Mark! You will be fired tomorrow with no less than eight million pocket. For my fees do not worry, will on behalf of the company. Goodbye. -
Mark gasped. At first it was supposed to deliver to Todd, his lawyer, twenty percent of the proceeds. He had obviously gotten a lot more. A storm swept the brain's feelings.
Sentence: to leave an area frequented by more than thirty years.
Relief: by the end of something that should have undergone three months.
Happiness: for becoming a millionaire.
Mystery: Who the hell was Antonio Perses?.
Someone, a person was flesh of your problem and had it fixed. This is reconciled with humanity, with the people I was so disappointed. Now I had a hope, a bit of faith in

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