Brilliant...(Part Three - End)

Por EM Rosa
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their fellows who had done much harm. Now I could begin to believe, to begin again, to ...
The sound announcing someone at the door of his office dismantled.
- Who is it? . - Asked over the intercom.
- Antonio Perses, Mr. Marcos. Bring official notification of the granting of all their demands. Since I know this is a happy event for you personally wanted to fetch it. Besides I am very pleased to inform you without false modesty that I have much of the credit that this has worked out well. -
 Mark grinned full of happiness. A good man waited outside her door waiting for them to open.
- In an instant I open Mr. Perses and I'm glad to have you here. -
Mark walked with long strides the great distance that separated him from the door. Anxiety consumed him. I was going to meet a real man, sensitive, kind, committed. He reached the door and pressed the release button.
What he saw brought him down. Brilliant ... brilliant.
- Good morning, Mr. Marcos. -
Tall, with a briefcase in hand, faceless, just brilliant.
- This is the notification of their demands. Not be dismissed but honorable retreat ... -
Covered the entire doorway. Shiny, silver. His eyes, red, bright, bright.
- ... Without prejudice to payment of their fees that consist ... -
I had heard of them but had never seen ... bright ... so bright.
- ... Detail at the bottom of the document. I hope this you happy, Mr. Marcos. -
No. It was not. I was not because Antonio Perses was not human. Antonio Perses was a shiny metal robot.

                                              .................................................. ......................


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