Two in One ... (Part On e)

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It was a reality.
The asteroid would crash into the planet in less than five years extinguishing all life in it and leaving it uninhabitable for three hundred years.
The board of nations living in permanent session since the finding was confirmed six months ago and, finally, the report of scientific studies had come. It was rather brief:

"Only the use of all the world's nuclear arsenal launched into the asteroid could bring some hope to stop it."

The disappointment was very great, even bringing some certainty. Many leaders felt that had to be done, if there was any hope, you should try. The motion passed unanimously and asked each nation to submit an inventory of its nuclear arsenal. Two months after inventories were submitted and, once exposed on the board, made a great uproar of indignation. World powers certainly lied shamelessly mobilized by the failure to be "atomically" unguarded. Even before such a calamity were able to show sensitivity. For inventories unreliable were dismissed and overruled the motion, so that everything was back to square one. Then one nation, one of the ten most powerful, called Wad listen to Thomas, a scientist of world renown author of numerous books on science, pillars of all universities in the world. Wad stated:

"If we can not use the global nuclear arsenal, the only hope in sight, then we must consider how to preserve the human race. Criohibernación handle technique to perfection so we could build spaceships that take people on the planet and keep them frozen for three centuries until the planet to be habitable again. Meanwhile the ships would be in orbit with the planet at a safe distance. "

A barrage of comments forced the chairman to ask for silence. The president of the greatest world power took the floor. Immediately he was granted:

"Wad Doctor: How do you think that in five years we could build a sufficient number of ships to evacuate the world population?".

Wad stood up and asked to speak as mandated by the protocol. He was awarded:

"It insults my intelligence you and your question shows a great deal of hypocrisy. You meant to be I who say so and give you a taste: That's impossible. Each country must make a selection whose number depends on parameters to be determined. I would argue that only you can save a few hundred million. " Wad said that he sat down and did not speak again. The president of your country gave to the words of the form of scientific motion and it passed unanimously. Of course, within that board was synthesized throughout the world flat industrial, financial, political, military, etc.. In short, all the misery in the world. Of course, carve places in the ships was unfair to have the most powerful nations most places, but even smaller players spent their few seats to the families of the most exalted leaders and people in their immediate environment. The allocation of seats was completed and submitted as yet had not even started planning the construction works, which were initialized only about three months later. Was assigned to the colossal work a huge desert two hundred miles long and five hundred wide. Some twenty million people were hired to work but all the intellectual plane and control belonged to the environment Wad, about two hundred scientists, engineers and technicians, who in turn had their trusted environment. All these people totaled about ten thousand workers, all absolutely unconditional Wad. Nobody made the slightest objection to this detail, such was the confidence that aroused the prestige of the scientist. When everything was set, a year later, Wad secretly informed the board, as this was running back to the world:

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