Two in One ... (Part Two - End)

Por EM Rosa
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"Ten thousand ships will be built with capacity for twenty thousand cryogenic tanks each, totaling about two hundred million people. Will everything be ready in two and a half years working around the clock, twenty four hours, three hundred sixty-five days. The ships will be unmanned and robotic command center will be on the ship that I and my team occupies. To achieve a safe distance before impact must be able to develop a rate such that only nuclear can provide drivers, so, as they were not able to provide weapons to save the world, I hope I provide enough radioactive material to produce reactors and save you and your family. The approach will be a week before the impact. Four days before that date all passengers must be frozen. The occupation of the ships were divided into three categories: Headlines (head of household), wives and / or partners and children. Craft owners may not be supplemented with any of the other two. That's it. I will not answer questions. "

A week before the asteroid impact would be just entering the solar system and could be clearly noticed by the naked eye. It seemed incredible that none of the other planets in their path but the math does not lie, making it crash, collide.
Finally the day came. Two hundred million people were transferred to discrete and organized mega-plants of the desert and through tunnels, narrow and uncomfortable housed in cubicles waiting to be frozen in the ground and the tanks installed on the ship accurately. Six million people would work feverishly servile and save it to a tiny and privileged portion of the world's population represented at all in those lucky if synthesized the historical misfortune of the world.
Ten thousand silver arrows, beautiful, stunning, pointing to the sky at an angle of thirty degrees waiting for their occupants.
With clockwork precision holders were loaded and Wad at any given time from a remote control station ordered the autonomous systems take off ten thousand ships. The thunderous roar was brief but the huge flotilla was soon lost to view. Comfortably installed in a room, Wad and his team watched as the ships left Earth's atmosphere.
- Do you think it will work?. - Asked his closest assistant.
- Of course. Each ship has an atomic charge to destroy the accursed hundredth asteroid. There are ten thousand ... -
- How long wake?. -
- In an hour or two. Sail a month before the impact, not feel anything, they have plenty of food and drink. Also I made a video explaining your destination that will turn fifteen minutes before impact. For most who try it will be able to try anything. -
- How do you explain the departure of hibernation?. -
- I also did a video that justifies it as a precursor to a longer time. I changed the clocks of the ships. When you wake up think that happened twenty years. Not suspect anything. -
- You were lucky in that regard. True geniuses were engaged in fraud. -
- When it's ass what you think trying to save any nonsense, and we are. -
- When moved to the women and children?. -
- After we reported the situation to return them home. They are still waiting for boarding. -
- Has saved the world, Doctor, how do you feel?. -
- Really good. We have destroyed an asteroid and cleansed the planet of the worst junk in one step. I hope you will seize. -


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