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They worked in the research section of the company for five years, had come at once, loved his work and had developed an outstanding job. In the forty minutes that gave off always sat in the same wooden bench in front of the huge mass of cement, to talk, to exchange information. But that day something overwhelming to both, although one more than the other.
- Congratulations ... - said dully. His companion looked back at him.
- Wow ... It took me by surprise. - Answered his friend.
- You deserve it, have developed a brilliant job. You catch the attention of the board, the deslumbraste. -
- Yes it's true, but only aspired to leadership, I never thought ... -
- Are you talking about Latuff?. -
- Yes. Is sixty-two ... I had three years and had retired with a much higher scale ... A salary of almost threefold. -
- I do not think your thoughts pass by. -
- I know. Our boss dreamed of that position, he deserved it. He was always a good top and not for its well-run my work would not have shone so much. He is generous and has forty years in the business. It should feel betrayed, forgotten. Yesterday morning was my boss and I am his. It is unfair. -
- But you are more capable, you can take the department to new levels. Do you think that the board does not know?. -
- Of course it is but it could equally have done from the head with Latuff as manager. After three years with the happily retired, I could take charge and everyone is happy. -
- Yes, what happens is that the times of corporatism are not the times of the people. -
- Yes, it is inhuman. What do you think would happen if we pose this to HR?. -
- And ... I can take two things: That the interest is so large that you tolerate your proposal or directly replace you by another. It's a play of risk. -
- Well, maybe in the future. For me it is my most important ethical promotion. I will go now. -
- Good for you! . I did not expect anything else from my partner. -
Both rose from the wooden bench. One went to the offices of Human Resources. The other robot to resume their duties.


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