The seventeen hours

Por EM Rosa
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The failure occurred in a redirection of the maneuvers. Three of the four nuclear proponents failed causing the ship to deviate significantly from the plotted course. That would not have posed any problem, had enough power to correct the course. The calamity was that after giving full throttle all three drivers out of service ... and never came back on. As much as the crew of the "Transpar", the largest ship ever built for space exploration by man, went out trying to find solutions ... and these did not come with good reason. The ruling was a cataclysm that literally wiped out electricity smart systems electronic and photonic leaving the ship adrift. But this, even, would not have been an intractable problem. Within a week the ship would be hit by a light flotilla of rescue and the crew had returned home without incident, except of course the multi-material loss. But the fact is that there was a week's time. Fate would have it randomly generate the remaining drive a straight course to the sun before the technical staff of the ship could turn it off. When they wanted to turn it back on the path to divert the ship did not respond and continued on his journey fatal. Given the constant acceleration motion calculated that in less than twenty hours evaporate in space due to the proximity to the star, but getting there would not be easy. One by one the protective armor of the ship would brutally melting raising the internal temperature and subjected to a hundred crew members on a slow and painful agony, the inevitable post-radiation skin literally erase them from the body. From land they saw as the sign of the Transpar was lost and full of sadness and depression, closed systems and are prepared to inform the world of the sad news. Only they had the recording of the transmission of the captain of the ship, which traslucían long hours of drama and despair. Once the world was informed and the dust settled the land technical team devoted itself to the relevant skills, leading to shed light on the failure occurred. Sequential and orderly followed all the rules of protocol without jumping the smallest step until it was time for all unwanted, to analyze the recording of the captain of the ship. For most embarrassing moment was reliving pain and even some pretty head cooler, hoping to find answers on the recording to take them to unravel the reasons for the accident. Such responses would add certainty and predictability for future incursions since the race at all space exploration stop there. It was so half-dozen scientists sat around a console to listen to the recording of several hours. It began with the unsuccessful and desperate attempts by the captain to contact with Earth but the receiving systems of the ship had also been burned, which the highest-ranking officer of the ship repaired after twenty or thirty minutes. Then, aware of his situation, he spent two hours detailing all readings of the instruments among which was the internal thermometer and marked ship forty-nine degrees Celsius. The radiation began to rise dramatically and the ship was accelerating. Due to the tremendous damage the audio is heard with a large static contribution which made some sections technicians had to apply filters to clarify coders listening. What followed next was a dramatic description of the tortuous chain of suffering from aches and pains as time passed that gripped the throats of those who listened. Behind the captain's voice could be heard shouts of alarm and horror, terrible descriptions of how he was one and another crew member, orders demands and pleas for help to the superior command of the ship but this could only do one thing: Nothing. The horrible end was signed and enacted for each of the inhabitants of that ship. Then followed a detail of every death, as a macabre list, detailing the manner of death and exact time. The captain was at his post until the last second, which spoke of his bravery and professionalism, until the terrible injuries took him to madness and irrationality, even for a fleeting moment he had the insight necessary to regretfully say goodbye to each member of your family, his wife and four children. Then the static won the speakers.
"It is" someone said "Why go on listening?" But then he felt paralyzed left everyone on their sites. The static stopped suddenly resulting indefinable sound, relaxing, indescribable. While it only lasted a couple of minutes the unknown nature of the left are all immersed in an amazing peace. To shock of all, reappeared in the foreground the captain's voice above the sound going to act as a nice background. None of the officer's words were understood by the astonished group of scientists, no one knew who spoke, but the clarity and voice quality in marked contrast to what was heard moments ago. Also heard brief and incomprehensible phrases from other crew members, as a backdrop, were pronounced by saying behind the captain. Nobody understood that I was going or what they wanted to communicate these men but what was noticeable was the remarkable degree of tranquility and peacefulness that conveyed this part of the recording. Finally reappeared static and finished recording. No one was aware of the long space of time they were listening, except for the prolonged fatigue and the terrible urge to eat, drink and visit the toilets that were all. Once again their urgent needs met to the room and looked confused.
"Delirious" ventured one.
"I do not think ..." said the operator who handled the recording "The last part of the recording took place in the nineteen hours after the incident"
"And what's up with that ...?" Replied the first.
"The ship was vaporized in the seventeen".


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