The broken wrist (Part 1 - Final)

Por EM Rosa
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He looked for a piece of cloth on the floor and disarmed him stranded thread. Then did a great job with those threads locking the head of the doll to her neck. The end result was crude but effective and fascinated the girl who showed a clean smile with joy. Then pressed the doll to her stomach and rested her head against the burly soldier's chest. This sighed reluctantly. A few seconds later I thought it was asleep.
Then he heard the "BEEP". Once, twice, three ...
Came from the belt that belonged to his uniform, he had kept to that he was not the pants fall girl's father, somewhat thicker than him. He had also preserved the strange apparatus could not remember their usefulness. From there came the annoying "BEEP". He unhooked his belt and put it in his eyes. A small red light flickered at the rate of "BEEP's". Instinctively he put his finger on the light and pressed. The sound ceased but his mind ran over some images in uncontrolled droves.
He was driving a military road at full speed and frequently looking device that now before him.
Saw as the management distraction in the vehicle was rammed sideways against a piece of masonry and overturned.
He was exiting the vehicle just in time before it burst into flames. He watched like crazy running any number of meters until you fainted in the well where he woke up.
Again in reality the eyes refocused on the device. Just had a three-digit number in rapid downstroke and a light bar that slowly but surely increasing its length. Apart from that, did not remember at all. Understandably ceased his attempts to understand and set about looking at the girl. A strange carelessness began to invade his body and seemed to float slightly. Fatigue, like all discomfort disappeared suddenly. He was spectacular, full, full of life. I thought the girl had put something cold and pale. He reached out and hit some dirty rags which clothed the girl, his girl ....

When the toxic radioactive cloud reached the counter marked zero strange device and the light bar had reached its maximum extent. By then both had been dead for a long time already and had avoided a long and painful agony.
But in the last minutes of his life really had lived a life.


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