Spies And Hygiene - Part One

Por EM Rosa
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- This is terrible ... - Cara Mason said the defeat painted on her face.
- But nothing is confirmed yet. - He replied his stalwart friend and coworker have Rajhid. Cara was a scientist of "Corporate Technology Bio Cybernetics" ("CTBC" in the scientific world) and his cyber-genetic specialty. It was the best at what they do and why desvivido CTBC had to hire her. Like you, a degree in cybernetics with two doctorates in nanotechnology, whose intellect and skill made him unique.
- Where there's smoke is that water brings you!. Now I tell you that many idiots Industrial Security had relaxed a lot in the subject of espionage. Now they are madly to and fro before or when they moved from their apartment. The Computer are overwhelmed with work orders that they enrolled him every half hour. They do not know to whom or to investigate. -
They were in the laboratory have, in fact in his office, a spacious and comfortable room, bright and tastefully furnished. Outside, the technicians working under the supervision of animated and motivated on projects that both you and the company designing.
- Do not you think you're getting a little paranoid?. Perhaps what happens is that after a long period of relaxation the leadership has decided that the distribution has to work harder. - A look of annoyance crossed his face factions but overcame great personal control.
- You, know how to appreciate you, you're my best friend, but sometimes large veins pollute your intellect privileged idiocy. Nobody cares industrial safety until the blood reaches the river. - The green eyes sparkled when he spoke Face. She was a great temperament and physical rather bulky. Yet with its fifty-eight years was in good shape. You, however, was very thin and of medium height, with dark, large eyes in a dark complexion and adorned by a prominent aquiline nose. You had four years younger than Face and like she was in good condition.
- Well. - The man leaned back in his easy chair, secretly amused. It always amused to Face in that situation but hid it delicately, it was not convenient upset his friend.
- I know you, Cara. What is the concrete detail that worries you?. -
The woman calmed down, you had a good fit the comment.
- A few months ago ... - started - Bet Hanoy published in the journal of the university the results of his work on intelligence photonics. Nothing concrete, no details at all but it aroused the interest shown by the scientific community. Do you know who is Hanoy, right?. The presiding ... -
- ... The robotics research department, yes, I also work at this company. Go on, Cara. -
- Well, what happens is that sometimes you some sleep. - You smiled but said sarcastically comment.
- A few months later, the vultures of IAR (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) tried to patent the photonic mathematics governing the operation of the brain neural circuits designed by Hanoy ... -
- What?!. Then had to face a lawsuit irreversible!. -
- No. The bastards have contacts and infiltrated everywhere. When the patent office network published the monthly report Hanoy immediately called the federal police and reported the incident but by the time the surveys were made of Patents and Registration files the application submitted by IAR had disappeared along with all drafts. One more day and had acted on the request. Hanoy was misplaced and ridiculous. Finally had to withdraw the complaint and apologize to the managers of IAR. The patent claimed a mistake and records and, like all state administrative establishment, impunity received him in his warm arms and all good. There was even a hint of investigation. Above Hanoy was reprimanded by the directors of this company, ours, by skipping protocols. It's outrageous!. -
- But why Dr. Beth work published in the journal of the university before patenting it?. - Face shrugged.
- Old vices, naivete, clumsiness. Perhaps the anxiety of submitting their work to the evaluation of their peers, who knows. The truth is that we are so involved in our work that we often forget to formalize bureaucratic red tape. Hanoy is an excellent scientist but overall is a good man and works with the mind of the mankind and are the preferred prey species such as vultures of the IAR. But the fact is that there is someone in here to spy and passes data. That's what matters. -
- This is very serious but easy to solve. Just respect the internal protocols and now. -
- If that's the simple way of the meek but meanwhile we sleep with our own rapists and CTBC, quiet. It has not taken a single measure is not specific as to run to the Industrial Security useless. -
- Do not know what measures can be cooking underneath that. -
- IAR should go against the front, they have wet ear!. What kind of pride holds this company. -
- I understand your anger but I think anything we can do from the plain as not to keep working and doing things too well. If we respect the internal protocols and state administrative not think they find a gap through which infiltrate. - Cara looked at his friend with frustrated and unsatisfied expression. He picked up the folders I had left on the desktop have to enter his office and began moving toward the door.


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