Spies And Hygiene - Part Three- Final

Por EM Rosa
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Emilio Ruiz worked in the IT department of CTBC. It was a promising engineer high intellect and good ideas but when I skipped a median position hierarchy is disrupted. Ron Pol, was the name of who called him that fateful evening (why is that bad news is worse in the early afternoon?), Was identified as a manager of IAR and offered the same job for the same pay (¿ how they would have known?). Emilio declined the offer because it said that more accountability for higher wages but to no avail. On the screen went all projects CTBC, detailed, accurate, complete. Then he thought otherwise. A month later became a spy for IAR for amounts of money CTBC quadrupled his salary. That afternoon he received a call from Ron, he seemed very excited.
- I learned ... - said Emilio ... - all inevitable. -
- Listen, Emilio ... - Ron said. - ... I need your help. My head hangs in the balance. If you do not give the bastard a very large Sodosky me down ... and you with me. -
- Ron I did everything right ... -
- I know, I know!. But sometimes not enough. The money you earn warrants from time to extremes you a little. That time is now. It is life or death. You have twenty four hours.
- What the ...?!. Hey crazy ... I can not ...!. - But the line went dead and more than Emilio tried and tried and failed to communicate with Pol
Frantically began to operate your computer. He thought of all projects CTBC but could not find any crack, everything was properly documented. He must hurry, someone would notice his unjustified stay in those files, but databases are exhausted one after another and nothing. After four hours of searching he decided to leave the search routine to avoid suspicion. Continue the next day and, if he found nothing, should flee the country to avoid the law and, worse, Sodosky, who surely would send kill. I was about to exit the program usually used when a file order arrived late. Read the header and his heart beat faster: A work of Cara Mason, one of the most distinguished scientific CTBC. Read the issue and a stream of gibberish he toured the soul biosynthetic tissue adherent to any material and self-regenerative. I could not believe what I was looking for IAR for decades to give human face to their robots. Came in draft format for archiving but with a detail and prolixity as unjustifiable for a primary format. Sure it was Cara Mason, a researcher incredible, owner of a neatness and a prodigious attention to detail. It was a godsend, no one could claim an undocumented work and if IAR provides and organized work could call their own. It was a masterstroke. After this go away by hiding in some remote Pacific island to enjoy the juicy dividends received for this work. It was not a spy task either, was the top. He copied the file to your portable drive and headed for the exit. In the street called the mobile Pol This time I attended.

Sodosky Io could not believe what was on your computer: An amazing work of Cara Mason ready to be patented and no right to claim or demand. Since the videophone screen Ron smiled with all his teeth. But the face was grim Sodosky.
- How did you get this gem?. -
- It's too good to be true, right?. -
- Who is the contact?. -
- Emilio Ruiz ... -
- Ah ... -
- I did several jobs for us ... -
- Yes ... -
- Would you give way?. - Sodosky gave a suspenseful moment to chat.
- Of course. - He sentenced the end. Pol Ron left his office on the run. This time there would be no mistakes.
A black point flew from a closet at the back of Sodosky to the opening of air conditioning. A light of infinite terror painted in the old obsessive.
- A fly in my office!. - Shouted. And he ran to the showers chemical. Many people lose their jobs today.

The next day a group of three executives of CTBC Sodosky asked to interview. When the founder of IAR learned smiled a sly smile.
"Certainly come to give the company" thought and dreamed of offering managers a price defeated infamous for CTBC. But the attitude of the three men who entered his office (except only for the alleged moment of glory but without excluding the chinstrap) was very far from the imagined and that puzzled him. Without a lot of words showed him the video where he and Ron talked about the theft Pol Face work and a written confession of Emilio Ruiz.
- No one will go to jail if they agree to our terms. - He said the top manager of Industrial Safety. - Even archivaríamos Ruiz's confession but as far as you are concerned has twenty-four hours to declare the closure of IAR and remove the stake free stock market. - Without saying another word withdrew with a light step.
The next day Sodosky declared the closure and bankruptcy of IAR and three hours later committed suicide "hygienic" in his mansion. Nobody could ever unravel as he filmed the video, or almost anyone.


Cara was in the office you have to take a cherry as he watched his friend with mischievous expression.
- I must admit that I went from mouth, idiot you have no hair. -
You looked a little concentrated glass jar with something very small and black inside.
- In the future I will work more in detail. I acknowledge that if you look with some attention you realize it really is not a fly but who carefully watches a fly?. - Said the scientist in nanotechnology.
- Still less obsessive Sodosky. -
- Too bad it did not look ahead, ... - he said, looking robot yet fly in the vial - ... I would have liked a picture of his face frightened and cry of horror. -


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