The Covert Solution - Part 2

Por EM Rosa
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- And how is it that you think all this so far from orthodox physics?. -
- I will not answer that. -
Carras did not insist, I knew that was lapidary.
- Tell me a little more of this in parallel universes and stuff. -
Bogues changed first position elbows on his thighs.
- As you wish. There are two basic levels of existence: "The Temporal" and "The Alternative". In the alternative the same instances exist and things, for example, in this universe but in different versions ... or not. People may or may not have lives and mild aspects are diametrically different but the same people, duplicates. However, and perpendicular to this plane, each infinitesimal fraction of time that occurred in each alternative plane generates a temporal plane. Thus there are infinitely many temporal planes perpendicular to each alternative plan. But in each temporal plane infinite planes are also alternative perpendicularizan each temporal plane. Thus the flat structure expands in "n" dimensions towards infinity or infinite defines the same, no matter. -
Bogues Carras looked with an expression that showed an apparent bewilderment on his face painted.
- Wow. Amazing!. But ... back to the tower, our invaders, how is it that these people have come from their universe to ours?. -
Bogues Carras looked at askance. Showed an unwarranted interest in the issue but decided to humor her.
- Manage quantum mathematics so advanced that leaves us on the edge of the stone age. These two equations together by an equality. Each equation has three terms of four members. Each member must be measured with a precision that requires numbers "n" decimal places. In practice with seventy decimal is sufficient. -
- But that's no problem, today's computers ... -
- Yes, yes, but that's their problem. Just as we are mathematically over one hundred years behind them, they are technologically backward one hundred years from us. Theorists are formidable but not good machine builders and managed with low-level calculations. Thus, the absence of precision in the calculations, generate errors that distort each plane where they move, causing disruption of the natural order. -
- But you know what your ultimate goal?. -
- No. I've only encountered that have been moving sequentially layer by layer alternate and every so often veer toward a temporal plane, at regular intervals. That if you have a layout path and follow it to the letter, or so it seems, no matter how much damage they leave behind. While I believe that if they wanted to move accurately calculated, with the technology they have, would cost one hundred years chart a course between no more than five planes. Obviously this is unacceptable. Perform a jump every twenty days, can not go faster. With our machines we could do a one hour and without collateral damage. -
- But why do not you join us?. They mathematics, we machinery. -
- No, not interested, that's obvious. -
- How did you notice them?. -
- For the paradoxes. These changes in the natural order of things, impossible situations from the strictly logical point of view. -
- For example ...? -
- To quote one: In a hospital in a large city nearby, a man presumed dead joined the guard. His heart was not beating his chest and not breathing, but kept the body temperature, blood coagulated and after five days showed no sign of carnal corruption. -
- Neither alive nor dead. -
- Exactly,. A biological abnormality but you can find any kind. A woman found herself at the door of his house. He claimed that he found to his image when he would come to your home. The meeting lasted three seconds but it happened. This would be a temporary anomaly. If such anomalies are repeated by increasing its intensity is possible that the space-time structure of our universe is altered with unforeseeable consequences. -
Bogues Carras watched with full attention.- And tell me, how many invaders entered our universe?. -
- Not many, I doubt more than a dozen. It would be surprising that they have achieved massive way to travel but I doubt it seriously. -
Rey with a loud laugh came quickly to his face Adrian.
- And for a dozen guys going to sacrifice tens of thousands of innocents?. -
- If I do I will be responsible for the most hideous crime in human history. Only in this world there are billions. Moreover they are not alone, have the collaboration of people cipaya on this side. They are quite numerous. -
- And you're absolutely sure that all would meet today in the tower Camelot?. How are you so convinced?. -
- From here jump to another level today at seventeen hours.To function must all be grouped in a circle of not more than two meters.Is the vortex where the equation indicates that should jump, ie the accuracy with which they sloppy calculated.I estimated about eighty inches to the left with adequate precision but they just work because they are within the scope of math error but leaving alterations in this plane will reduce its life to the third party.How is all this?.No I can tell.-

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