The Covert Solution - Part 3

Por EM Rosa
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- I if. -
Carras pulled his gun and destroyed the video camera. Then locked the door from inside and pointed to the head Bogues.
- You know I do not fear death. - Adrian calmly recited. The new situation is not altered in the least.
- Yeah, I know. What also is that you are who you claim. You know too much ... -
Adrian looked blankly Carras. It had been discovered but not matter at this point.
- The following come for months. I mean you, of course. You're just a miserable sepoy. That's why you're not with them waiting time of travel. What you promised?. -
Carras blushed and for a moment almost blow his head but kept his composure and got the gun. From outside the room could hear cries of alarm.
- I am filled with money and I swore that what they do only seeks the good for humanity. -
- Sure, but what humanity?. The certainly not of this universe. -
King had not noticed it. Who is concerned?. I had noticed the abnormalities cited by Bogues in recent months, they were even create a special division to deal with these phenomena. But the invaders had not said a word about it. He must take sides. He pulled out his cell phone and called. Adrian drew a smile of triumph on his lips.
- Let them know, go. Should anticipate the jump even with the risks involved. If two minutes anticipate the possibility that a paradox dissolve in the holding cell is seventy percent. He is tall, right?. But it would be that or nothing, are soldiers, are accustomed to risk their lives. Of course the estimated seventy percent of them with machines. With our machines would be ... higher ... or lower?. Who knows, there is no time to find out, there are only twenty minutes. Did not occur to them to put the numbers into a machine here?. It is seen that not only are military, did not travel any scientist, are very valuable, sorry, but ... well. -
Carras and lost his composure. He spoke on his cell phone and listened to Bogues at a time. A look of despair on his face painted as time went on. Had failed to fulfill its mission. Adrian was talking about.
- How many?. How were they recruited?. What convinced them?. You know, where I come take care of the integrity spatiotemporal ecology as if it were. Although I object to the way they take care your ecology ... -
- Shut up, idiot. Do you know how much trouble we've caused?. -
Carras had completely lost his composure.
- Do not overwhelm yourself. I can swear that the elimination of these people will be for the universal welfare. -
With pale facial skin, cut Carras communication and kept the phone in your pocket, staring off somewhere. Meanwhile, outside were about to break down the door.
- Have jumped ... - said in a whisper.
Adrian looked at him sympathetically.
- Well, you must be from planes immaterial as a good machine to calculate the probability of success yields to roughly three percent. That's how accurate were his calculations. -
- Where was the bomb?. - Asked Carras.
- There is such a bomb. While you are technologically advanced we are more. Cheated on security systems of the tower and pretended the alert with my own systems. It was a gamble and it worked. -
The door was knocked down while Carras committed suicide after being shot in the temple and disappeared Bogues that space-time.


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